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Eyelets with washers '5mm / 2,8 mm' Fairy blue

Eyelets with washers '5mm / 2,8 mm' Fairy blue

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Alexandra Renke

With our Eyelets with washers '5mm / 2,8 mm' Fairy blue create wonderful works and hand-bound albums. For bookbinding or simply as a decorative element in your projects, our eyelets are ideal because they can be used with a wide variety of materials. They are also excellent for protecting punched holes from tearing.

We have carefully selected our colors to match our collections, so our eyelets blend perfectly with our materials. Due to the shortened shaft of the mini eyelets, they are particularly well suited for mini albums, cards or layouts.

50 eyelets (approx. 0,1 inch x 0,2 inch | 2,8 mm x 5,0 mm)
50 washers (approx. 0,03 inch x 0,2 inch | 0,8 mm x 6,0 mm)

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Dimensions Eyelets/Washers: approx. 0,1 inch x 0,2 inch ⌀ / approx. 0,03 inch x 0,2 inch ⌀ | Maße Ösen/Scheiben: ca. 2,8 mm x 5,0 mm ⌀ / ca. 0,8 mm x 0,6 mm ⌀

Content: 50 Eyelets/washers

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