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Brads '3mm Favorite beige'

Brads '3mm Favorite beige'

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Alexandra Renke

Our Brads '3mm Favorite beige' or also known as staples, are used to hold pages of a book or album together, for example.
Simply place them in a pre-punched hole and then bend the prongs over to the sides. Or use them as a decorative element in labels or other scrapbooking projects.
The colors have been selected to match our collections, so you get a coherent overall picture.

100 Brads (0,33 inch x 0,11 inch | 8,5 mm x 3,0 mm)

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Dimensions brads: approx. 0,33 inch x 0,11 inch ⌀ | Maße Brads: ca. 8,5 mm x 3,0 mm ⌀

Content: 100 Brads

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