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Stencil Butter 'Tangerine'

Stencil Butter 'Tangerine'

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The Crafters Workshop

The gorgeous, spreadable Stencil Butter shimmers, shines and is easy to apply with a palette knife or painting knife.
It has the consistency of a soft modeling paste that adds texture and excitement with its highs and lows and washes off easily with water.

Important Note: Be sure to clean your tools immediately after use.

Perfect for using with stencils, painting with fingers, brushes and much more.
The colors combine beautifully and you can even mix dry pigment powders into the Stencil Butter to create additional unique shades.

Drying time: Quite long, varies depending on how thick the Stencil Butter is applied.
Excellent for watercolor paper, mixed media boards, canvases, wood and more. It should only be used on porous surfaces that are not exposed to moisture.

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Content: 59 ml

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