Mit Magicals Garne und Stoffe färben

Dye yarn and fabric with Magicals

We all know and love them - the Magical Powders from Lindy's Stamp Gang.
They are an absolute must on every craft table, especially for colorful paper works and magical backgrounds.

But did you know that you can also dye fabrics and yarns with it?

Jana from our designteam prepared some ideas for you and recorded tips and tricks!

Here are herthoughts, impressions and examples…

1. Sensational fabrics

In order to be able to dye yarns and fabrics correctly, the top priority is to only use cotton products. For her experiments, Jana used canvas fabric, some cotton yarn and knitting twist. 

If the canvas is quite firm, Jana recommends that you first wet it and wring it out properly. For thinner pieces of fabric, it should be enough to spray them with a little water. It is important that your fabric is ready to properly distribute the pigments of the Magicals so that you get a nice play of colors.

Canvas fabric raw and wet

To color the fabric, simply pick up your trusted Magical. If you have a small jar, it is best to use a dry brush to spread the powder evenly over the fabric. If you have the new Magical Shakers at hand, you can distribute the pigments directly through the salt shaker-like opening.


Jana used the shaker 'Spill the teal tea!' and sprayed the powder with water afterwards.

A small spray bottle works well for this.

"I sprayed water on it and helped a little with a brush. If you then just leave the fabric lying around, you can see how it sets the color. That's when I had the idea to create an ombre effect..."

That's how we know our Jana - always creative on the go!


She simply conjured up the ombre effect with 'Lizzy's cuppa tea teal' by again sprinkling some powder on the other side of the fabric. With a little water, a brush and a sure instinct, she created this transition from one color to the other. A great effect!!

Of course, an infinite number of other colors can be added and the color intensity can be controlled with different amounts of water.


The dried fabric looks like this:

2. Colorful cotton yarn

Jana tried a different technique for dyeing cotton yarn. Set aside a small glass with a little water and sprinkle in the color of your choice into it. Here, too, the color gradation can of course be controlled by the ratio of powder and water.


A darker tone = more magical powder.


The yarn is then simply placed in the colored water and, if necessary, stirred a little so that the color can be distributed evenly.

After you have fished the yarn out of the jar, simply let it air dry or, if it has to be quick, you can also help with an embossing heat tool. But be very careful here so that the yarn stays safe and intact.

3. Spectacular knit twist

Finally, Jana dyed knitting twist for you. Here she decided on a color gradient of four different Magicals.

The strips of knitting twist were simply sprayed with water and the powder then sprinkled on the designated areas. With the shakers, this can be portioned very easily, with the paint cans, a dry brush or a painting knife is a great help, too.

Here, as well, it is worth using a brush and a spray bottle to help the pigments spread everywhere and also work together.

In order not to waste the excess paint, Jana simply picked it up with a piece of the house collection.

This technique is always a good way to use the color later in a paper project.

We are very happy that Jana took a closer look at the Magicals. Personally, I prefer to use the Magicals for colorful die-cut parts, but I will definitely try the dyeing of fabric and ribbon for my next birthday present!



Which technique do you find most interesting?

Have you ever dyed fabric?

What is your favorite way to use the Magicals?

From us for you

Jana and Lara

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Total klasse, eine tolle Idee! Gefällt mir richtig gut, das wird bei der nächsten Geschenkverpackung direkt ausprobiert ❤️


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