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Instructions: Stars Stripes

Hi, I'm Angi, and today I'm going to show you how you can easily create great stars out of a few strips of paper. You can set the size yourself.



To make the stars, the DIN A4 glossy paper sheets are perfect, as they shine on both sides and are not too thick. Normal design paper with a grammage of 200g or more is too stiff for this.



You cut 6 strips 2x10.5cm long (4x21.5cm for the large star).



Then you put the strip together like a ribbon so that a small cap forms at the top and the two strips cross at the bottom so that a left and a right corner meet. It's best to glue the whole thing together with your "super glue" or even with hot glue. I used hot glue because it worked best for me on the glossy paper.

Repeat the whole thing for all 6 strips

Strips of folded paper
several strips of folded paper

Then cut the strips to a point by cutting away the pieces that overlap. This leaves you with double the paper tip.

Then cut off a piece once on the left and once on the right. Simply cut along the line created when crossing over. This will give you 6 lace bags.

folded paper with cut ends

Before you put the bags together, you can think about whether you would like to decorate one of the points with a small stamp. Embossing also works very well with glossy paper.


Finally, use a little hot glue to assemble the pointed bags on the top side of the hat to form a star. If you like, add a thread to hang it up when you put it together.

finished star assembled

I hope you enjoyed my star instructions and I hope you have fun working on them.

Your Angi

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I cant wait to make these to ùse for Jewish holiday decorations.


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