Anleitung: Leporello mit Fenstern

Instructions: Leporello with windows

Here we have a very nice project for you, which you can decorate in a variety of ways. You can use it to decorate a card, for example, but this technique also works great in a mini album!

The preparations themselves are easy to understand and quick to do.

What do you need for this?



Step 1

First, cut 12 sheets of paper (e.g. 30 x 15 cm ).

Five of them need to be folded in half vertically. Strengthen the fold lines with your bone folder.

One of the sheets will form the cover - fold the spine of the book by 0.5 mm in the middle. You may also want to use a thicker paper or material, the more stable your book will be (we recommend our home collection ).

The remaining 6 papers must be folded vertically evenly in half and twice more in half.

You can then see a window with the dimensions 6.6cm x 7cm cut out. The height from the edge at the top and bottom is 3.5 cm .

Use a cutter and a cutting mat to do this.

step 2

Now the leaves cut out in the middle and the leaves folded in the middle must be glued together alternately.

Now insert the resulting book into the cover and glue the first and last pages in place. You can also glue or glue the individual pages in the middle to the spine of the book.

The basic structure is now complete!

Now it's time to get creative: fill your fanfold with pictures and folding elements that appear in the individual pages and windows or unfold when opened. The design possibilities here are truly endless.

We hope you enjoy crafting.

From us for you ⭐

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