ORDERS - innovations in delivery method 'COLLECTORS'


If you want to collect, please specify in the notes field, when you place the first order.

Can I add more products to my first, already paid order?

Yes, you can still add additional items to your order, IF we havent already sent it yet. Please make sure, while collecting items, that the first delivery must be paid by default (with one of our standard shipping methods).
The shipping method 'I collect' for 1 Euro can be selected with your second and following orders of your bulk order.
For administrative reasons, we will charge 1 euro for each additional order.

Be aware that if you are collecting, you will not be able to reach free shipping by adding all your order values to 100 Euro.

The following still applies at anytime:

Please enter the first order number with each following order you make, to let us know which orders belong together and that you are still collecting. If you do forget to tell us your first order number and dont select the shipping method 'Iam collecting' we will not be able to ship your orders as a bulk order.

    Collecting orders is possible for the time of 14 days at a maximum.
    When put your last order of your Collection please add the following note to your comment field: "This is my last order, please send now".
We will then make your package ready for shipping and send it immediately after receiving your last payment.

Can I add items to my monthly creative boxes without paying additional shipping fees?

Yes, you can. As a subscriber, you pay the delivery of your monthly subscribed creative box, which will be sent to you each month on the 1st. Every additional order can be send whith your box. For additional orders, please select our shipping method 'Supplement to creative box'. Be aware though that your package will still always be send to you on the first of each month.

I purchased a download product. Where can I download my purchase now?

Your download will be provided only after receipt of payment. Download products have to be paid immediatly with the shipping methods 'paypal' or 'instant transfer' in order to receive your download product straight after paying. We will not accept cash in advance with this productgroup. After payment, you will automatically see a link on your screen to download your product. If you want to download your product after some time or from a different Pc, you can do so by logging in into your account and open your order by clicking its order number. Download products will stay in your account for as long as you want. You will be able to download your product several times.

1.Account Login                                                      2.Open your order

account besetllung_aufrufen

3.Click on the download link provided



I want to order a creative box. What do I need to do?

Regardless of whether you order a single monthbox or a subscription of 3,6 or 12 month, your order has to be placed separately. The reason of this procedure is a special calculated shipping method. Adding items to your creative box is explained
on top.
Creative Boxes can be paid with our standard payment methods or with direct debit collection. For more info please send us an email and we will place your order for you.


I want to return a product. Where can I find the return form?

You can use the same sticker that is already placed on your box. You cand use the same box with its sticker and search a Hermes shop in your area. Simply comment your submision with the wish of
return consignment 


I received a notification email that an item is available again, but I am not able to add it to my basket?

Unfortunately, someone else was faster than you. Some of our products are really popular and out of order quite fast.
We apologize to you. 

How do I redeem a coupon code properly?

Once you have placed all your desired items to your basket, you can simply add your coupon code in the field provided below your products. Hit the buttom 'redeem' and its done as shown in your basket.

How do I pay with Paypal?

If you choose to pay with paypal you can straight log into your paypal account and pay instantly. You will also be able to log into your paypal account at any time later and pay your debst.

Our stamping and punching designs are protected. For the use of the stamp designs for any commercial use and reproduction you will have to ask for our permission.
For all sales of products that are manufactured with our stamps, you will need our written permission, which we will gladly give to you under the following conditions:

1. Only handmade products may be created and sold.
2. For a sale of more than 25 images per Stamp / which may be created.
3. The stamp design must not be changed.
4. The manufacturer of the stamp or die has to charge its end user.
5. The products must carry a reference to the origin of the motifs used.
6. For larger quantities you need a separate authorization.

We are delighted about receiving your examples.


Unfortunately, there is currently not yet the possibility of custom designs.