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Collective Orders

For small orders you may choose collective order (Sammelbestellung) in the shopping cart. Your orders are collected for maximum 14 days and you will get all of them in one parcel.

Please proceed as follows:

Use shipping method (Versandmethode) "1. Bestellung einer Sammelbestellung" for your first order. You need to pay the usual shipping cost. Please note as a comment "ich sammle".

For further orders please use shipping method (Versandmethode) "ab der 2. Bestellung einer Sammelbestellung" and we only charge 1 Euro handling fee instead of shipping cost. Please not as a comment "ich sammle weiter".

For your last order please use shipping method (Versandmethode) "LETZTE Bestellung einer Sammelbestellung". Please note as a comment "bitte versenden". Your orders are being packed and sent as soon as we receive your payment.

If the value of all orders is more than 100 Euro, you will get a voucher for free delivery within your parcel.

Orders made in between this period without using shipping method "collective order" are going to be send separately and charged as usual.

Collective orders are being packed as soon as we receive your payment and like this your products are reserved for sure. We recommend to pay all orders directly.


Additional orders for subscribers of our creative box

During your subscription you may get additional orders with free shipping.

Please choose "Beilage zur Kreativbox" in your shopping cart.

Orders, which are paid until the 24th of the month, are going to be send with the current Creativebox. If the payment date changes caused by sending procedure, we will inform about that in the ticker box. Orders which are paid to late, will be send with the next Creativebox.


I missed a temporary download. Where can I find it again?

From time to time we offer special promotions with temporary downloads for you. If you missed the timeframe, unfortunately you cannot find the download somewhere else caused by technical reasons. But mostly we will offer it again with another promotion. Stay in touch with us through Facebook and Instagram or subscribe for our newsletter, so you don't miss a promotion. You can also have a look at "Dates and more" or at our Kreativzeit magazine.


I purchased a download product. Where can I download my purchase now?

Your download will be provided only after receipt of payment. Download products have to be paid immediatly with the shipping methods 'paypal' or 'instant transfer' in order to receive your download product straight after paying. We will not accept cash in advance with this productgroup. After payment, you will automatically see a link on your screen to download your product. If you want to download your product after some time or from a different Pc, you can do so by logging in into your account and open your order by clicking its order number. Download products will stay in your account for as long as you want. You will be able to download your product several times.

1.Account Login                                                      2.Open your order

account besetllung_aufrufen

3.Click on the download link provided




Every month Alexandra creates a special creative box for you, which you can subscribe for. It has a minimum value of 35,- Euro and mostly you may find a brand new product in it, which is not offered anywhere else yet. Alexandra thinks about a special project and you get an instruction to work with added to the products.

You may find detailed information here.

The amount of abonnements is limited and sometimes this leads to a waiting list. You may subscribe here!



If you received your parcel from Hermes, you can use the same sticker to return your parcel. Chose your favourite Hermes Paketshop and tell them, you want to return the box.

Did you receive your parcel from DHL, please contact our customer service to get an extra label via email to return your box.


Your favourite product is not available? Please click on "Notify on availability" and type your email address into the pop-up. As soon as the product is available again, you will receive a message.

You received a notification email that an item is available again, but nevertheless you cannot add it to your basket?

Unfortunately, someone else was faster than you. Some of our products are really popular and out of order quite fast.
We apologize to you and will reorder this product as soon as possible. Please subscribe again for a new notification message.

How do I redeem a voucher code properly?

Once you have placed all your desired items into your basket, you can simply add your code in the field provided below your products. Hit the buttom 'redeem' and its done as shown in your basket.

You want to redeem more than one code

Technically this is not possible in our onlineshop, please proceed as follows:


Case 1: There is one discount code for everybody and you also have a personal voucher

Please redeem the discount code in your shopping cart, chose Payment in advance and proceed until the last page. Please note your personal voucher code in the comment field (including value of the code) and place your order.

We will check your order and change it afterwards. You will get a new invoice to pay the correct amount. After receiving your payment, we will send your order.


Case 2: There are two discount codes for everybody

Discount codes cannot be combined, please chose one out of them.


Case 3: There are two discount codes for everybody for different categories

For Example: In December we offer 10% discount on all products and during Christmas holiday, we also offer 24% discount on "Goodbye".

You would like to redeem both codes, please place two orders then.

Chose your favourite products out of "Goodbye", redeem your code with 24% discount and chose "1. collective order". Place the order.

Chose your favourite products out of the whole onlineshop, redeem your second code and chose "LAST collective order". Place the order.

We will then put these orders together and send them in one box.


We offer the following payment methods:

Payment in advance: After finishing your order, you will get a confirmation with our bank details. As soon as we receive your payment, your order will be packed and sent.

Paypal: After finishing your order, you will be forwarded to Paypal. You may login to your account and confirm your payment. For more information click here.

Credit Card: After finishing your order, you will be forwarded to Six Payment Services. We accept MASTERCARD and VISA. Type in your data and confirm your payment. For more informatione click here.

Sofortüberweisung: After finishing your order, you will be forwarded to Sofortüberweisung. You can login to your bankaccount and immediately pay your order with your online-banking account. For more information click here.


Ususally your order is sent with DHL to you. If you would like to receive your box from Hermes or to a picking station, please leave a message in the commentbox and we will take care of it.

As soon as we receive your payment, your order is forwarded to our packing department. After checking your order it is been packed and daily given to DHL in the afternoon.

Caused by privacy policies we are not allowed to send the tracking IDs through DHL.

If you live nearby you can also pick up your order in our local store. For further information click here.

More information concerning transportation with one click.



You are welcome to visit us in our store in Rösrath-Forsbach.

We welcome you thursday and friday from 10 am to 5 pm

and on saturday from 10 am till 1 pm.

We are closed on holidays. Opening hours for special events may be different. If there are any changes, you may see this on our Facebookpage.



If you don't want to miss news from Alexandra Renke, new products, new ideas and recent events or promotions you can subscribe for our newsletter. Subscribe here.


Our RENKE designs are protected. For the use of our motives for any commercial use and reproduction you will have to ask for our permission.
For all sales of products that are manufactured with our products, you will need our written permission, which we will gladly give to you under the following conditions:

1. Only handmade products may be created and sold.
2. Not more than 25 products of each design can be sold.
3. You are not allowed to change the design.
4. You are only allowed to sell your products to private customers.
5. The products must carry a reference to the origin of the motifs used.

We are delighted about receiving your examples.


Unfortunately, there is currently no possibility of single custom designs.



Please do not hesitate to use our contact form or give us a call at +492205-922130.

We will gladly answer your requests Monday till Friday from 9.00 to 13.00 h. Your emails will be answered as soon as possible and sequentially. Please accept our apologies if it may take more time.