Collective Order

Please select this shipping method only if you plan to collect orders over several weeks.
The collective order is possible only with the same delivery address.

For the 1st order the standard shipping costs will be charged.
Additionally a comment "I collect" in the comment field is helpful.


For each further order a 1 Euro fee will be charged.
Here a comment "I continue collecting" is helpful.


For the last order there will be a 1 Euro fee.
Here a comment "last order, please send" is helpful. With this comment the release for the shipping of all orders collected so far is done.


If the total amount for a delivery within Germany is more than 100€, we will book the previously paid shipping costs to your customer account.

Collective orders will only be prepared by us after receipt of payment. If a collective order remains unpaid for more than 4 weeks, we have to cancel it... but don't worry, we will remind you before.

If you want to cancel the collective order prematurely, please send us an e-mail.