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Dye inkpad Memento 'Nautical Blue'

Dye inkpad Memento 'Nautical Blue'

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The Dew Drop 'Nautical Blue' stamp pad is a high-quality stamp pad designed specifically for crafters and artists. Its small, round shape fits perfectly in the hand and is also suitable for large stamps due to its raised stamping surface.

The stamping ink is ideal for backgrounds to highlight or contrast other colors in your artwork.

The Dew Drop stamp pad is filled with a high-quality, acid-free, water-based ink that dries quickly and leaves a sharp, clear stamped image. It is durable and will bring you joy for a long time with proper care.

Conditionally suitable for transparent, coated, or highly absorbent paper.

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water-based ink, non-fade and fast drying

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Technikkunde • Memento Dew Drops

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