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Stamp Easy Replacement Magnets 2 pcs

Stamp Easy Replacement Magnets 2 pcs

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The Stamp Easy Replacement Magnets are the perfect addition to your craft toolkit! These round, small magnets are a must-have for any crafter who loves the convenience to the Stamp Easy tool.
These spare magnets were designed to easily attach paper, cardstock, ribbons and other craft materials or embellishments. And thanks to the tabs, they are easy to remove.

Using magnets to stick paper to a stamping platform is handy because it makes it easier to position the paper exactly where you want it and prevents it from slipping or shifting during use. Magnets also make it easy to secure multiple layers of paper together and hold them in place while you stamp or die cut. This is especially useful for intricate projects that require precision and accuracy.

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Content: 2 magnets

Suitable for Stamp Platform 'Stamp Easy Pro'. Information supplied according to manufacturer´s data.

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