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Mod Podge 'Spray Ultra Matte' 118 ml

Mod Podge 'Spray Ultra Matte' 118 ml

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Plaid Enterprises

Originally an American brand, Mod Podge has been a household name to hobbyists around the world for years.

When Plaid launched its first creative products in 1976, Mod Podge quickly became a favourite. The glue, sealer and varnish in one has been their most popular brand ever since.

What makes Mod Podge so popular with crafters is the many possibilities for découpage.
You can use it on every surface imaginable: Decorate ceramic or plastic flower pots, transfer photos to wood, add colour to jars, glue on cardboard letters, jazz up shoes and personalise furniture.

Bring your creativity to life with Mod Podge's limitless possibilities!

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Content: 118 ml

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