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Ink Blending Brushes '1 cm'

Ink Blending Brushes '1 cm'

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Studio Light

The finest shading and color gradients are achieved in no time with these ultra-soft brushes from Studio Light.
The bristles are super soft and particularly dense, so that the color can be applied very delicately to the surface.

Application: Lightly press the Brushes onto an ink pad or into the color of your choice to pick up some pigment. Then wipe over the paper in a circular motion.
Depending on how much pressure you use, the color saturation will vary.
Finally, rinse the brushes with a little dish soap and water and let dry with the tip down.

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Dimensions: approx. 0,7 inch x 4,5 inch | Maße: ca. 1,8 cm x 11,5 cm

Content: 5 Brushes

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