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Liquid Charcoal 'Grape Seed Black'

Liquid Charcoal 'Grape Seed Black'

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Due to the quickly available larger amount of paint, liquid charcoal can be used to quickly process large areas in particular.
The liquid charcoal contains the high-quality binder gum arabic, just like traditional artists' watercolors (gouaches, watercolors, etc.), has a gouache-like consistency and can be diluted with water so that different nuances, textures and layer thicknesses can be achieved by varying the application.

Depending on the substrate and layer thickness, the paint remains smudgeable by hand and can be removed again with water.
Used as a thin underpainting (e.g. in oil painting), subsequent colors do not become soiled or become less soiled than with conventional charcoal underpainting due to the greater substrate adhesion of the bound charcoal pigments.

Of course, the liquid charcoal can be combined with drawing charcoal.
The smudging and removability of the liquid charcoal depends on the surface condition of the substrate - the smoother and firmer the surface, the easier it is to change.

Without animal ingredients.
Pre-testing is recommended.

Content: 35ml

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Content: 35 ml

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