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Cut & Emboss Folder 'Letterbox with envelope'

Cut & Emboss Folder 'Letterbox with envelope'

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Alexandra Renke

With our Cut & Emboss Folder 'Letterbox with envelope', designs can be punched out and embossed at the same time.
In combination with our paper, our stamps and washi tapes, you can create wonderful accents.

The paper is placed between the two plates of the folder and fed together through an embossing and punching machine.
Our Cut & Emboss Folders are designed for our 200g design papers.
They are suitable for all standard die-cutting systems (DieCut systems).
Please follow the exact instructions of the machine.

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Dimensions largest piece: approx. 4,5 inch x 5,2 inch | Maße größtes Teil: ca. 11,6 cm x 13,4 cm

Content: 4 Pieces

Folder dimensions: approx. 20.0 cm x 13.0 cm

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