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 UN World Food Programme

 For a world without hunger

 Currently around 795 million people on earth are suffering from hunger - one in nine of us does not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is the largest humanitarian organisation in the world. Year after year, WFP supports over 80 million hungry people in more than 70 countries. Some 11,300 people work for WFP, most of them in remote areas directly supporting starving people. In emergencies, WFP delivers food where it is most needed, helping victims of wars and natural disasters. When the first emergency is over, WFP helps those affected to rebuild their livelihoods and soon to lead an independent life again. At the same time, WFP development programmes help to eliminate the causes of hunger. Support WFP in the fight against hunger with your donation.


School meals - for a future without hunger

Worldwide 58 million children do not go to school. Many poor families have to decide every day whether to send their children to school or to work. WFP therefore supports more than 18 million children worldwide with school meals. This can be a morning snack, a nutritious oatmeal breakfast or a warm lunch. The prospect of at least one nutritious meal a day will increase school enrolment and attendance. Especially girls have the chance to attend classes more often. The improved education not only gives the pupils themselves a chance for a better future, but also continues to have an effect in the next generation: every additional year of school education later reduces the risk of malnutrition among their own children.

Donate to school feeding programs in developing countries and give children a future.

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José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation

Leukemia must become curable. Always and with everyone. In 1987 José Carreras fell ill with leukaemia. He was able to defeat his serious illness after a bone marrow transplant. Since his cure, the star tenor has worked tirelessly for his great goal: leukaemia must become curable. Since its foundation in 1995, he has been supported by the German José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation, a non-profit organization financed exclusively by donations. Thanks to the help of donors and sponsors, more than 1200 research, structural and social projects have already been financed and successfully implemented. They make a significant contribution to significantly prolonging the lives and quality of leukaemia patients and to researching and improving the diagnosis and treatment of blood cancer. Much has already been achieved in recent years. But there is still a lot to do! Support the José Carreras Leukaemia Foundation. You can find more information at




German Environmental Aid e.V.
For people and nature

For more than 40 years, Deutsche Umwelthilfe has been committed to the preservation of our natural resources. Like no other organisation in Germany, it combines the protection of the environment and consumers. Their conviction: Only an energy supply based on efficiency and renewable energies, sustainable mobility, the responsible use of our natural resources and the avoidance of waste can ensure the preservation of our planet.

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