Right of use

Copyrights, use of stamps and other templates

Images and texts on the website

Illustrations and texts on the website are protected by copyright in favour of alexandraRENKE. The use of these images and texts is only permitted with the prior written consent of alexandraRENKE.

Use of stamps

The stamp motifs are also protected by copyright in favour of alexandraRENKE. For any commercial use and reproduction, in particular the sale of self-stamped cards and products, you need our prior written consent, which we will be happy to give you under the following conditions:

    Only hand stamped products may be created and sold.
    A maximum of 25 impressions per stamp may be made for one sale.
    The stamp may not be changed.
    The stamped works must be sold to end customers.
    The products must bear an indication of the origin of the motifs used.

Consent can also be given by alexandraRENKE by e-mail.

Use of other templates

The terms of use set out in the preceding paragraph shall also apply to the use of other Renke products, such as punchs/dies, embossing folders, stencils and clear stamps.