Sealing Wax 'Pigeon blue'

Siegelwachs 'Taubenblau'
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Seal wax has a high wax portion, e.g., beeswax. The seal is also adaptable after entire... more
Product information "Sealing Wax 'Pigeon blue'"

Seal wax has a high wax portion, e.g., beeswax. The seal is also adaptable after entire hardening and is flexible and cannot be "broken" easily. Very well for the postal dispatch suitably or for sealing of scrolls.
Thus functions sealing:
- Break off a little piece of seal wax of the pole
- In a spoon wrap possibly in wooden clutch (or the spoon handle with a cloth, otherwise he will give hotly)
- About a flame heat up, allow to melt and on the desired paper surface (or the desired vessel) pour out
- Press the cold seal in the viscous liquid seal wax
- After some seconds the seal from the wax can be removed carefully
Beside many coloured seal wax we offer to you here also unusual seals.
The colours shown on the screen may differ from the original tone.

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