Workshop 'Pyramid Mini/Angela'.

Workshop 'Pyramiden-Mini/Angela'
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With the workshop 'Hexagon Box/Angela' Angela shows you how you can easily conjure up an... more
Product information "Workshop 'Pyramid Mini/Angela'."

With the workshop 'Hexagon Box/Angela' Angela shows you how you can easily conjure up an effective pyramid mini. You will learn how to make the basic framework of the mini and finally stitch everything with the finished pages with a spiral binding (Zutter Bind-it-all). Decorating the pages is up to you because it depends on the theme and the type of photos. The mini is actually also suitable for sending in a large bubble envelope because it can also be laid flat. It can then be tied back together with a small ribbon and set up.

In her videos, Angela shows all the steps step-by-step and gives tips and tricks.

You'll need the following tools to work with:

    Crop a Dile Big Bite or other hole/eye tool.
    Spiral binding tool
    Cutter knife
    Bookbinding glue
    folding bone, ruler/geodelta, nail scissors
    old cloth
    Lever cutter or large scissors

Have fun working!
This workshop does not include materials!

Orderable and available until 31.12.2021

The instructions are protected by copyright, they may only be used personally for your own purposes.

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