Erlebniswelt Neueröffnung

Our new world of adventure - back to the roots

Over the years we have experienced a lot...

Our love to paper set us in motion - our love for stamps, dies and lovely little things soon followed...

What was born out of this love has evolved over the last decade into our world of adventure. Stempelmekka, Creativeworld, our visits to the US, all these things have strongly influenced us on the way.

We were allowed to gather many experiences, meet hearty people and take on challenges that have built our little Dawanda store into a really great world of adventure.

But now - 10 years later - we knew that we had to change something.

And so, at the beginning of the year, we sat down together and decided that 2023 would be a year of tidying up and slowing down. We needed to regain clarity and focus on what makes the Alexandra Renke brand - our people, our design team, and our amazing designs.

After a few discussions and many cups of coffee, we decided to take a huge step. Together we knew that the world of adventure had to be turned upside down and dusted off.

That's when our team got started. Databases were cleaned up, texts were rewritten, search terms got optimized, the warehouse was restructured - really every stone was turned over!

But that was not enough. The world of adventure was to become more modern, more informative and just more inviting - in other words, a real experience. 

And you guessed it - a lot has happened here, as well.

Ein Geist in unserem Lager
Ein Geist in unserem Lager

3.655 Products, 171 Categories and 94 days later we are finally ready

Welcome to our new world of adventure!!

For weeks we have been updating products and reviewing processes so that from now on you can browse our new world of adventure in the best possible way.

We are two thirds of the way there. The first batch of products is here, the first blog posts are written, and our team is so happy to be able to welcome you here.

From now on you are part of it - come with us on our journey through the world of adventure...

From us for you

Lara and Alexandra

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Hallo liebes Renke-Team,
ich bin ja sooo neugierig auf die neue Weihnachtskollektion und würde sooo gerne am Do. oder Fr. vorbeischauen. Aber leider muss ich arbeiten und der Weg ist dann doch für mich zu weit. Ich werde dann jeden Tag voller Erwartung auf Eure Homepage schauen und mit großer Sicherheit das eine oder andere wieder bestellen.
Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich Euch zwei wunderschöne Tage mit den Besuchern und Bastelbegeisterten. Trinkt ein Schlückchen für mich mit.
Ganz liebe Grüße
Doris aus Duisburg


Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu eurer neuen tollen Erlebniswelt.
Ich liebe euren Shop und bin immer wieder auf’s neue begeistert👏🏻
Ich wünsche euch von Herzen weiterhin viel Erfolg für eure einzigartige Erlebniswelt🥰
Ich bin dann mal stöbern 😍
LG aus Birx in der Rhön

Andrea Städtler

Liebe Alexandra und liebes team, ich liebe euere producten und vinde es wahnsehn soviel schones bei euch ein zu kaufen. Dank und viel gluck!!

Carolien Hering

Alles Gute für Eure neue Erlebniswelt!
Ich freue mich schon wieder aufs Stöbern bei Euch.

Mara Hirsekorn

Avete fatto un grandissimo lavoro ed il risultato è fantastico !
Non avevo dubbi , siete sempre al top !
Grazie ❤️


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