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Technical Know-How • Circle cutter

Hello, today we are testing the Circle Cutter from Vaessen Creative for you.


When you unpack it for the first time, you will find the following parts:

The circle cutter, a white cap and short illustrated instructions.

Prepare the Circle Cutter

To get the cutter ready for your first circle, proceed like this:

To get the desired diameter, first loosen the positioner and move it - then be sure to lock it again! Next, turn the control wheel for the knife until it no longer works, thereby directly securing the knife.


Now you are ready for the first circle. Place the circle cutter on your paper and be sure to use a cutting mat or something similar, the blade is very sharp and will otherwise damage your table.

Hold the cutter firmly and press the small notch “push” and then turn until the circle is completely cut out.


You can put the white cap on the positioner and also use this device for guidance.


For example, if you want to cut out the exact center of a 12x12 sheet of paper, the easiest way is to determine and mark it beforehand by measuring it with a ruler.


On the circle cutter itself you will find a centimeter measurement from 0 cm to 15 cm and the middle, marked by a cross. Now place this cross on your previously marked spot and cut out the circle perfectly in the middle of the 12x12 paper.

Other information

  • The diameters of the circles range from 2.5 cm to a maximum of 15 cm.
  • According to the manufacturer, the thickness/weight of the paper must not exceed 250 g.
  • The three replacement bells that come with the circle cutter are well hidden. They are located on the bottom under the rubber protection.
  • You can get more replacement blades here

Closing words

My personal opinion about this tool: I like the ease of use and the design.

It lies well on the paper and turns wonderfully. Changing the knife is easy and you get three replacement blades, great!

The diameter can be set with millimeter precision and easily adjusted.

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