Angel policy/Right of use

You would like to create your own projects with our products and sell them on a market? We would like to support you in this. In the following you will find the conditions under which we grant you a limited license to use motifs to produce self-designed articles for sale:


1. Your works must be handmade, personally produced by you and may not be reproduced, neither electronically, mechanically nor graphically. Mass production in any form is prohibited.


2. alexandraRENKE's designs are protected by copyright. They may not be reproduced without permission. All works intended for sale are protected by copyright and may not be copied or reproduced without permission. To ensure the protection of these copyrights, all works intended for sale with motifs by alexandraRENKE must be marked with a ©alexandraRENKE.


3. Provided these conditions are met, there are no quantity restrictions on the production of handmade projects to be sold.


4. When selling the works, the seller shall make it clear that they are handmade by him and that they are not products of the company. The seller must state that products of alexandraRENKE were used for the design. However, the alexandraRENKE logo may under no circumstances be used for the sole purpose of sales promotion. The works may be offered for sale at fixed points of sale, at temporary events where handicrafts are sold, in the context of fundraising or on the Internet. With a reference/remark to the brand and products of alexandraRENKE, handmade works may be published on social networks.

5. Works created with the help of a Classes Workshop are not included in the user right.

6. alexandraRENKE's motifs may not be used to create logos or company trademarks.


7. Any sale of digital files of alexandraRENKE is prohibited.


8. All applicable local business and tax regulations must be observed by the persons who produce the handmade works for sale.


9. Persons who claim these above mentioned conditions for themselves are fully responsible and assume full liability for the appropriate execution of their work. Accordingly, they agree to indemnify and hold alexandraRENKE harmless in respect of any disputes that may arise from their work.